Memory Moves?

Memory Moves provides at-home care and develops cognitive stimulation strategies for dementia patients, encompassing emotional, cognitive, and medical support. Created by caregivers and relatives of those impacted, we are currently providing our services in 3 countries with dedicated staff providing 24/7 support to your loved one.

150 million are affected by dementia, stigmatized, often misdiagnosed, and frequently not receiving appropriate care. We produced "The Dementia Podcast" to raise awareness around this condition and promote the adoption of modern cognitive stimulation.

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From our CEO

My name is Stephan Tual. For seven harrowing years, my mother battled FTD/PPA, a misunderstood sub-type of dementia. Like many, due to the stigma associated with the illness, my mother hid her diagnosis and so it extremely well.

The day the police called me to report she had rammed her vehicle into a public bus due to her deteriorating mental health, I dropped everything, quit my job, moved countries and dedicated every waking moment to her care.

It was a difficult but very rewarding journey. I connected with carers, associations, doctors, patients, their families, their care homes and even funeral home directors. I quickly realized this illness was not what the media depicted.

My mother was a nurse who cared for children with terminal illnesses. When she passed in October 2023, I found myself having spent all my savings on her care. But I know my mother wouldn’t want me to quit. So, I created Memory Moves. The journey continues this time by helping others by raising awareness and talking openly about very difficult topics rarely addressed in the media.

Simple activities such as dancing, painting, and simple objects such as family photos can make the difference between complete isolation and maintaining a ‘normal life’.

My mother was everything to me, and I have no regrets whatsoever about dropping everything, career and all, to focus on her care & cognitive stimulation therapy. I understand, however, that not everyone is able to dedicate themselves to their loved ones 24/7. This is where we come in to assist you and your loved one and provide what we know is missing from the current healthcare system: a systematic personalized approach to care.

It’s going to take a tremendous change in attitudes, treatment, and monitoring to impact what can only be described as a looming humanitarian disaster. You may not realize it, but by simply informing yourself of this condition, you are already making a difference. Thank you!

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Dementia Care - guiding patients and families through the emotional, cognitive, and medical options to accompany those affected by FTD/PPD, vascular, and Lewy bodies dementia.


Stephan Tual

Dementia care consultant to early-onset patients and their families. I designed adapted dementia support plans to integrate emotional, cognitive, and medical care to accompany those affected by FTD/PPD, vascular, and Lewy bodies dementia.